How To Choose The Right Music For Different Times

The right music, like clothes, depends on the specific event where it is being used. The kind of music you play at a party will differ starkly from what you play at a funeral, in places of worship and so on. It is, thus, of great importance that you choose the right kind of music for your particular event.

But what if I am a strict hip hop head, you ask? It doesn’t matter what kind of music you prefer. Unless you are hosting a hip hop listening party, pushing your favourite genre down people’s throats will probably backfire.

How Does Music Affect a Setting

Music is mainly a mood setter. It helps to bring the individual or group to the tempo that you want them to be at. If it is a party, the music aims to get people mellow and in a celebratory mood. Music in a gym is meant to psyche people up and encourage them to push their limits. Songs played at a wedding are intended to celebrate matrimony. Music at a funeral will seek to console the bereaved and give them strength.

How to Choose the Right Music

Choosing suitable music is an easy task, although not so easy as to not require aforethought. Thinking ahead is the key to getting it right. Here are some things to consider:

  • Understand the Event

What are you using music for? Is it for a small group of people, a single person or a huge crowd? What is the objective of the event? Knowing the objective will help you know the kind of music that goes along that theme.

Part of understanding the event includes knowing the characteristics of the people in it. If you are entertaining one or a few guests, you can ask them beforehand about the kind of music they like.

  • Research on past Use

Once you know about the goal you are seeking to achieve, you need to look for specific songs that have had success to that end. Every genre of music has numerous songs under it, but not all of them work well with all events.

When looking for therapeutic music, for instance, you will need the advice of a medical expert on the key elements to look for. That sounds like an extra trip to the doctor, but you can use simple resources like Livi Medical to get answers using your mobile phone.

  • Pick Specific Music Tracks

There are those songs you just cannot go wrong with. The first pointer is the songs that are topping charts at the moment. Know which song is driving audiences like yours cray at the moment. The second kind of track is that which takes people back in time. People love music that reminds them of pleasant memories. Lastly, always keep an eye on timeless music- those songs that won’t go out of fashion.

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