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The Importance of Music in Filmmaking

Watching your favourite movies without any music is unthinkable. Without question, music is essential to the craft of filmmaking. Music brings the narrative to life. It is an essential component of narration in movies. When music is

Music and Nicotine

Since the very early days of modern music, nicotine has been present. Both the performer and their audience would have enjoyed cigarettes. This was when the consumption of such products was much more tolerated. The general public

The Best Clothing for Musicians

When someone wants to become a professional musician, the first thing they need to do is come up with an original sound. However, within the modern music industry, the look of a performer is also important. Therefore,

Augmentation And Musicians

Anyone who wants to become a successful musician will have to stand out from their peers. There are plenty of ways to do this. Some manage to create a distinctive sound that catapults them into stardom. Whilst

Famous Classic Music Composers

Classical music has entertained and swayed the emotions of people for generations. It was one of the earliest ways artists used to express their emotions. While the term “Classical music” is used to denote the various types

Why Musicians Should Use Good Sofa Covers

When musicians are actually planning out their studio space, they will naturally be mostly concerned with the sound of the room, their equipment and instruments. Rarely do musicians worry enough about the sofas they will be sitting

Top Reggae Icons of All Time

If there is one genre which revolutionised the music landscape, it is reggae. Invented in Jamaica, reggae went on to become popular across the world. And while there have been many reggae greats in history, there are

Led Zeppelin

One of the most influential rock bands in all of English rock history, Led Zeppelin are a band whose popularity remains to today, with large amounts o

Pink Floyd

The British rock band Pink Floyd are famous for their unique and experimental sound that helped drive the genres of both progressive rock and psychede

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The American rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed in 1983 in Los Angeles. The band's main style is rock, with an emphasis on punk and psych